On the Horizon: Contemporary Cuban Art from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection

Ostrander, Tobias
Publisher: Prestel
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 284
Measurements: 21.60 x 26.00 cm

Fifty contemporary Cuban artists offer a plethora of depictions of the island’s cultural landscape in this book highlighting the best current Cuban art.

America’s complicated relationship with Cuba has engendered a deep curiosity about the country and its culture. Using the concept of the horizon as a symbol of longing, containment, and separation, this book features three essays on the topics of “Internal Landscapes,” “Abstracting History,” and “Domestic Anxieties.” The works featured in the book include Yoan Capote’s massive Island (see-escape), which incorporates nails and half a million fishhooks; Teresita Fernández’ haunting ceramic glazed Fire (America) 5; and Angel Delgado’s Dream Reflections, which depicts a man trying to push open a larger-than-life lock. Taken together, these essays, and the diverse and mesmerizing works that anchor them, generate an important dialogue between Cuba’s aesthetic heritage and its contemporary social and cultural geography.

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