Norman y Wendy Foster en Hampstead. El sueño de la casa tecnológica

Solé Bravo,Carlos
Publisher: Diseño Editorial
Binding: Soft cover
Language: Español
Pages: 338
Measurements: 20.50 x 14.50 cm

If, paraphrasing Gaston Bachelard, the house is the refuge of dreams, the architect’s house has the virtue of its author’s universe, of discovering its references, its passions and its dreams. For this reason, the present text is not limited to throwing light on a project in which it is not known, such as the house of Norman and Wendy Foster in Hampstead, but it is used as a vehicle to track ideas, influences, obsessions and concerns present in the work of their authors. But, the project of the house of the Foster in Hampstead is, in fact, many projects. The reconstruction of the turtle The evolution of the project, through its different versions, reveals the working method of the Foster. A method based on pragmatism, a multidisciplinary approach in design and the opening of multiple exploration routes, the evolution in parallel with the rest of the production, the study nourishing it and, at the same time, contaminating it.

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