Noray: viaje por la ancha frontera

Valbuena, Juan
Publisher: Phree
Binding: Hardcover
Language: Spanish
Pages: 128
Measurements: 17.00 x 21.50 cm

NORAY (origin unknown)\nNautical 1. Bollard, a thick post on a ship of wharf, used for securing ropes and hawsers. 2. Smallest possible port. 3. Juan Valbuena´s favorite word. 4. Book of travels through The Wide Frontier, a territory which coincides approximately with the Mediterranean Sea.\n \nThe Wide Frontier is a place with such a strong identity that it has become an intermediate continent within a space that assumes centuries of crossings where thousands of stories are told and hundreds of trips evoked.\n \nThe book includes different visual sources (contemporary images, old pictures, video and travel journals) to summarize over ten years drifting from Cadiz to Beirut, through mythical ports as Marseille, Naples, Alexandria and Istanbul…

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