New Photography in Britain

Maggia, Filippo
Publisher: Skira
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English/ Italian
Pages: 208
Measurements: 25.00 x 29.00 cm

The first title of this series, New Photography in Britain is dedicated to seventeen emerging English photographers. This publication was created in collaboration with the Royal College of Art in London and explores three main topics: the artist?s world, their personal feelings towards this world, and their relationship with the world around them. The artists included in this book?many of whom have shown their work in important galleries such as Victoria Miro or Maureen Paley, as well as in the collections of the Saatchi Gallery and the Tate Modern?are Lucy Levene, Lisa Castagner, Sarah Pickering, Anne Hardy, Esther Teichmann, Gareth McConnell, Melissa Moore, Suzanne Mooney, Harold Offeh, Sophie Rickett, Annabel Elgar, Danny Treacy, Kirk Palmer, Becky Beasley, Bianca Brunner, Simon Cunningham, and Heiko Tieman.

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