Nao me lembro bem

Grilo, Ivan
Publisher: Familia Editions
Binding: Artist s book
Language: English/Portuguese/Spanish
Measurements: 18.50 x 22.00 cm

Ivan Grilo’s artist book I cannot recall well, is an endulgement of the artist’s poetical work on public x private/politics x love, where words are read through embossed letterpress printing on handmade paper and images are “hidden” inside french folded transluscent paper creating a misterious narrative as a way to translate the “forgotten” subjects of matter Grilo treats in his body of work. The handmade letterpress printmaking on two kinds of artisanal paper made of brazilian natural fibers translate in a sensorial book the poetics and subtleness of the I cannot recall well, narrative.

Edition of 150, signed and numbered.

This book was entirely handmade in Brazil with local materials.

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