Mx Ultra

Publisher: Caniche
Binding: Hard cover
Language: Español
Pages: 168
Measurements: 21.00 x 29.70 cm

MxUltra constitutes a hallucinogenic photographic and textual route by Nacho Canut and Alaska during their tours in Mexico. Details captured by Canut’s curious glance, including skyscrapers and sidewalk fire hydrants, passersby on his walks or the saturated colors of the flag; also backstage during the group’s performances and the inevitable travelling. Alaska has handwritten her memories of her childhood and analyzes the collective imagery of Mexico today.
Nacho Canut says: “MKUltra was a CIA program in the 1950s that gave LSD to citizens –some of whom were volunteers and others were not– to study the effects of the drug on the human brain, though it may actually have been for more sinister purposes. Fangoria was about to publish an album with that title. The thing is the first time I visited Mexico City, I felt like a participant in one of those experiments. Everything I saw and experienced was so over the top, fascinating, and even psychedelic that I seemed to be living in a parallel universe where everything was more brightly colored, more vital and inspiring. It was like I was in the city of my dreams, a combination of Tokyo, Los Angeles and Benidorm… though it looks almost nothing like any of them. I had the feeling that Godzilla would appear in the distance at any moment or that the Nostromo ship was about to land on one of the gigantic avenues we were walking along. It may be the best city in the world to photograph… Just look at the proof”.

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