Miguel de Moreno

Hirschfeld, Javier
Publisher: Los Interventores
Binding: Hardcover
Measurements: 18.30 x 18.60 cm

Limited edition of 100 copies with certificate signed by the artist.

The edition consist in a photography printed with pigmented inks in photographic paper, placed on the top of a round methacrylate of 17,5 cm diameter. The work includes also a book with texts and photographies. All of it contained into a box lined with wax African fabric.

The photography plays with the shirt that was designed and popularized by Miguel de Molina, but created from African wax fabrics (by Hilario Carruana), the characteristic pose of the Spanish actor and singer and the face and the skin of an immigrant from Cameroon. The tradition of the African studio photography is present in the piece thank to the background that frames the character, creating a traditional identity.

A photographic series that speaks about exile and homophobia. A game of identities, searches and abandonments.

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