Memory Traces

Markerink, Cary
Publisher: Ideas On Paper
Binding: Hardback box
Language: English
Pages: 202
Measurements: 30.50 x 41.00 cm

New book, never used. Memory Traces is a recent publication, in which I relate to notions about landscape, culture, history and memory. Memory Traces is an unconventional photo-book, composed to be an experience, in which a selection of landscape photographs are combined with a multi-layered range of texts including excerpts from travelogues, ‘written photographs’ and a short story situated in the art-world which, among other things, deals with ‘The Artification of Photography’ and ‘The End of Silver-based Photography’. In a second separate booklet a Chernobyl family album of found negatives has been reproduced.

The large format photographs were made in Sarajevo; Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Berlin, Bitterfeld-Wolfen and Ronneburg; Bikini Island and Nam Island; Chernobyl; Khe San and My Lai.

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