Stavars, Martin
Publisher: Charta Edizioni
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 96
Measurements: 24.50 x 24.50 cm

This title offers a stunning collection of photographs capturing the sheer immensity & complexity of the world’s biggest metropolises. This book is a compilation of photographs from fourteen megacities: Dubai, Incheon, Seoul, Busan, Chongqing, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Toronto, Montreal, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and Istanbul. Revealing the complicated nature of the world’s largest metropolises is the ultimate challenge undertaken in Megalopolis. In his photographs, Martin Stavars attempts to grasp this complexity and the networks of intertwined spatial relationships of urban organisms with the eye of a trauma surgeon rather than an impressionist painter. In the precise and somewhat detached images of Tokyo, Istanbul, Chongqing, or Paris, he reflects upon the urban fabric, its composition, only occasionally providing a glimpse of its innermost parts.

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