Malibu “A Century of Living by the Sea”

Shulman, Julius
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Measurements: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

Malibu has long been recognized for both its associations with movie stars, musicians, and other celebrities as well as its twenty-one miles of strikingly beautiful coastline which is saturated with world-class residential architecture. They include multiple Richard Meiers, Frank Gehrys, Charles Gwathmeys, John Lautners and a motel designed by Richard Neutra, along with a dizzying array of homes by more of America’s most lauded architects. Malibu’s beauty – dense forests, soaring mountains, azure seas – and small-town feel, captivates those who visit. Legendary architectural photographer Julius Shulman, has been capturing the atmosphere and beauty of Malibu since 1938, out of both a personal fascination as well as his professional iconic work. The heart of Malibu is his personal archive of pictures from these years. Malibu looks at the history of the place as seen through a showcase of one hundred years of the most exciting houses built here, presented decade by decade. Hollywood historian and best-selling author David Wallace contributes a fascinating introductory walk through the popular culture of Malibu and its inseparable relationship with Hollywood glamour.

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