Lucien Hervé. España blanca y España negra / White Spain and Black Spain (Arte y foto)

Hervé, Lucien
Publisher: Turner
Binding: Soft cover
Language: Español
Pages: 244
Measurements: 21.00 x 21.00 cm

Lucien Hervé (1910-2007) was one of the great architectural photographers of the twentieth century.
His methodological and conceptual patterns were reflected in his work, which includes a prolonged collaboration with Le Corbusier.
In 1958 he launched the project of a photobook on the monastery of El Escorial commissioned by the RM publisher in Barcelona, ??and a year later, during a trip to Spain, a second commission on Mediterranean popular architecture was created.
Although they were unpublished, both works were subject to constant review by the photographer throughout his life.
Sixty years later, both photobooks were published, preceded by the specialized texts of the architects Javier Mosteiro and Marco Iuliano.
The publication completes a volume in which Iñaki Bergera and the art historian HoracioFernández offer us an overview of the artist’s life and investigate the relationship between these two projects.

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