Living the Boundary: Twelve Houses by Aires Mateus & Associados

Aires Mateus & Associados
Publisher: Lettera Ventidue
Binding: Softcover
Language: Italian- English
Pages: 132
Measurements: 21.10 x 15.30 cm

Manuel Aires Mateus, founder of the eponymous architectural practice claims, ‘The design of a house always represents a sort of research project – it is intense, because of the familiarity we have with the plan; it is unique, for the speci city and peculiarity of each situation. Indeed, the house is the plan we are all most familiar with. Starting from well-de ned constraints and possibilities, each house materialises through its construction, its function and appearance de ning its character. The question of materiality becomes crucial, as it limns the boundaries, circumscribes the eld of forces and brings a new centrality.’ This book gathers the main single family house designs developed by Aires Mateus since the late nineties to the present.

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