Liquid Spaces. Scenography, Installations and Spatial Experiences

Publisher: Die Gestalten
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 256
Measurements: 2.40 x 3.00 cm

The foundation of a meaningful relationship between artist and audience, museum and visitor, or brand and customer is based on an unforgettable experience. Yet these groups of people are more discerning than ever before: They want a personalized moment, to be informed and entertained, and above all, to be inspired. \n\n\nLiquid Spaces features a wide spectrum of unconventional environments ranging from experimental installations to complex productions. Each one of these spaces plays with the boundaries of human perception, triggering sensual encounters that activate the senses in surprising ways.\n\n\nArtists, scenographers, and architects, as well as interior and exhibition designers, create these extraordinary situations. Liquid Spaces presents the most innovative concepts, most radical designers, and most demanding clients.

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