Linear (The QB Papers)

Blake, Quentin
Publisher: The QB Papers
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 36
Measurements: 24.00 x 30.50 cm

It may just have been an accident that I drew a man looking at a line on the floor. After that I drew a lot more, and after that I edited and redrew some so that the line took on a character of its own and one can believe (I hope) that it’s actually moving, with its observer reacting appropriately. I thought it became almost like a simple, tiny animated film.

In recent years I have found myself working increasingly in sequences of drawings which explore subjects and techniques which interest me.

These sequences are the origins of the QB Papers; they vary in approach and tone, and between reality and fantasy. But I hope that in each of them in its own way will appeal to anyone who likes looking at drawings.’ – Quentin Blake

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