Life’s a Beach

Parr, Martin
Publisher: Aperture
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 124
Measurements: 21.50 x 16.00 cm

This book shows British photographer Martin Parr’s snaps of a beach day around the globe and the decades. Starting in the 80’s and finishing almost nowadays, this is a tale about how the human species behave when they put their feet on the sand by the sea. Although habits are incredibly varied depending on the location, there seems to be an essence that connects all the beaches in order to create this little summer story. \nAfter the delicate special edition, the trade edition of “Life’s a Beach” offers the opportunity to bring home the best beach photographs of Martin Parr. Some of them appeared previously in “The Last Resort”, the first Parr’s color publication devoted to British beaches. This new title however, goes beyond: from the melting pot of Copacabana, passing by the mate drinkers of Chile and arriving at the faked beaches of Japan, where the sky smells like paint and the waves need an electric motor to work. \nDon´t miss this opportunity to learn about other summer holidaymakers’ eccentricities and beat them by taking the book to your own beach.

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