Labyrinths. The art of the maze

Maria Ricci, Ricardo
Binding: Hard cover
Language: English
Pages: 224
Measurements: 3.10 x 3.00 cm

In his first book in ten years, Franco Maria Ricci presents a rich and refined collection of photographs celebrating the art and mystery of mazes throughout the ages. Franco Maria Ricci—publisher, art collector, bibliophile, garden designer, visionary—presents this collection of beautiful, haunting photographs chronicling his latest project: a massive bamboo labyrinth near Fontanellato, Italy, scheduled to open in 2014. Beginning with the Minotaur, labyrinths have transfixed and enchanted us. This book explores labyrinths in every form—drawn graffiti-like on crockery, stamped on coins, traced in manuscript illuminations, carved on cathedral walls, and planted in gardens—and features literary quotations from Herodotus and Pliny to Jorge Luis Borges.

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