La mecánica de las mujeres

Rio Branco, Miguel
Publisher: La Fabrica
Binding: Softcover
Language: Español-Ingles
Pages: 64
Measurements: 22.00 x 16.00 cm

In this volume of La Fábrica’s new 64P collection, Miguel Rio Branco propose an tinese reflection, in highly symbolic tone, about relationships and relations between men and women, which are often shady and troubled. The Way it Works with Women is a photography essay about genre inequality, dominance, seduction, possession and sex.

Miguel Rio Branco is a multidisciplinary Brazilian artist and photographer. He studied at the New York Institute od Photography and Rio’s Higher School of Industrail Design.

He started working in painting and also collaborated in movie productions, specially as a cinematographer. Since the São Pablo Biennale in 1983, he started creatin spatial installations which combined photography and music. He has pubished numerous books, among them Dulce Sudor Amargo, Naktar, Entre os Olhos, an Plaisir la douleur.

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