Koo Bohnchang

Binding: Soft cover
Pages: 144
Measurements: 13.60 x 15.50 cm

Koo Bon-chang (1953) is a modern Korean photographer who has been expressing the world of private and internal consciousness through photography since the mid-eighties. In his photographs, which are not reconciled with the external reality of the subject, the subject of the act of expression, deep insights and thoughts about life and death that come from deep within him are exquisitely captured in the form of minimalism and postmodernity.

The writer Kim Seung-gon (1940) is a critic of photography, a graduate of the University of Korea, the Department of Photography, the University of Nihon and the Higher School of Art of the University of Tsukuba. Currently, he is a representative of Time Space, a week of photographic criticism and a professor of photography at the University of Sunchon. He has published more than 200 photographs, including “The Contemporary Korean Photography Scene” and “The Politics of Cruel Photography.”

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