Kobro and Strzeminski. Avant-Garde Prototypes

Kobro, Kataryna
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 192
Measurements: 17.00 x 23.50 cm

Kataryna Kobro (1898-1951) and Wladyslaw Strzeminski (1893-1952) are among the silent protagonists of the European avant-gardes, to which they contributed by both fostering and questioning the legacy of modernism with a plastic and theoretical oeuvre that was fertile as it was complex. Dedicated to experimentation on pure forms-Kobro fundamentally in sculpture and Strzeminski in painting- and closely related to international artistic movements like the Bauhaus, neoplasticism and constructivism, their work is pivotal for an understanding of abstract art in the Central Europe of the first decades of the twentieth century.

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