Kengo Kuma: Moleskine Inspiration and Process in Architecture.

Kuma, Kengo
Publisher: Moleskine
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Measurements: 13.00 x 21.00 cm

The objective of Kengo Kuma is to erase
architecture: finding harmony between
natural and artificial and mediating the
encounter between man and the
environment. The drawings collected in this
book tell the fading of architecture through
textures drawn in graphite that overlap
different layers of land, building and sky,
in a harmonious whole. Initial sketches go
alongside with the study of the technical
details that helped to achieve the final
result. The use of natural materials – wood,
bamboo, stone, rice-paper – merged with
technological innovation and compositional
skill combines Eastern traditions and look
to the future.

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