Jeff Koons

Koons, Jeff
Publisher: Taschen
Binding: Hardcover
Language: Italian/Portuguese/Spanish
Pages: 592
Measurements: 25.00 x 33.40 cm

The Post-Pop Superstar

An in-depth study of Koons’s entire oeuvre to date

Which living artists keep their price? Who will be regarded as an investment 30 years from now? A decade after its sensational appearance, the most expensive limited edition artist monograph of the 20th century is finally back in print. (The rarest copy, numbered 1 and signed by Koons and 100 celebrities, was sold at auction for over $450,000.)
Only this time everybody can afford it!
The definitive work on the most controversial artist of his generation. A book owned by the world’s major collectors and institutions, including New York’s MoMA. See the exhibition in Berlin and remember why you’ve always loved Koons, even though you’d love to hate him – he’s not only richer, but better looking. And he once married a porn star!
Then plunge into this Taschen überwerk and revel in the kinky and kitsch, but always conceptual art of Jeff Koons. Basketballs in tanks! Stainless steel blow-ups! Topiary dog sculptures! Come on.
Michael and Bubbles in porcelain. No artist since Warhol has made the banal appear so profound, and the trivial carry such import. So here’s an object that bears his name. Does that make it mysterious – or valuable? Let’s see.
Includes a biographical essay, analyis of Koons from a European perspective, and a scholarly study of his work. With hundreds of large format full color images, it traces Koons’ career from 1979 to today. A sumptuous objet d’art – he says so himself – and the definitive overview of Koons’ work.

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