I’m starting to feel okay

Marx, Stefan
Publisher: Nieves
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Measurements: 16.00 x 22.50 cm

I’m Starting to Feel Okay is a fascinating collection of Hamburg based Stefan Marx’ most renowned b/w magic characters and creatures, including some of his latest white on black illustrations. Moreover, the sensational new series of colourful watercolours which Stefan is presenting to his spectators for the first time, makes looking at the book a more intense experience, surprising the viewers page after page, and keeping them suspended on the very thin line between pure irony and utter beauty.

Stefan thinking/working/living/drawing 24 hours a day attitude, and strong skateboard links have been the reason for his many collaborations with brands such as Azita, Cleptomanicx, Hessenmob Skateboards, Landscape Skateboards, Ayume Lifeforms and Alis Skateboards or Playhouse Records, while he founded between 1995/96 his own Lousy Livin’ Company which produces each season a handful of t-shirts plus occasional special editions.

During the past few years, Marx’ art travelled around Europe in several occasions and galleries (like “The Side Effects of Urethane”), as well as being reproduced in various magazines and publications like “The Art of Rebellion” and “Street Logos”. Nieves’ first contact with Stefan’s work was through its zine Andere Mütter haben auch schöne Töchter published as part of the 2004 Nieves Zine Series. Following a mutual interest, Stefan’s first solo book I’m Starting to Feel Okay has been produced in collaboration with photographer David Luther and graphic designer Urs Lehni.

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