Iluminando vidas

Rangel, Ricardo
Publisher: cmv
Binding: Hardcover
Language: German/French
Measurements: 20.50 x 28.50 cm

The publisher Christoph Merian Publisher Basel released this deluxe catalogue, in 2 bilingual editions, on the 13th of April, 2002. The book was launched in Mozambique by co-curator Grant Lee Neuenburg and AMF (the Association of Mozambican Photography) on October 25th 2002, during PhotoFesta 2002 in Maputo.

The book contains more than 100 photographs, personal statements, biographical information and self-portraits from each of the 15 photographers, as well as detailed information about Mozambique. Texts contributed by recognized authors discuss the significance and development of Mozambican photography in general and Ricardo Rangel in particular.

Besides the two curators, two internationally renowned professionals, Allen Porter (ex-editor in chief of now-defunct photographic magazine CAMERA) and Simon Njami (co-founder and editor in chief of the magazine Revue Noire and director of 5es Recontres de la Photographie Africaine in Bamako, Mali) each contributed an article.

Amongst the authors are also found two recognized Mozambican names. The historian António Sopa (Conservator at Mozambique´s National Archives) contributed an article about the development of photojournalism in Mozambique. Calane da Silva (writer, journalist and professor of literature at Maputo´s Eduardo Mondlane University), penned a moving homage to his friend and companion Ricardo Rangel.

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