Hong Kong Assemblage Deconstructed

Wolf, Michael
Publisher: Peperoni books
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 88
Measurements: 15.50 x 21.00 cm

The small back alleys of Hong Kong are utilised by its residents in various ways, often serving as places of respite within the relentless rhythm of this densely packed metropolis. For some time, Michael Wolf has been exploring this rich, ever-changing vernacular world, focusing in particular on the interplay between the myriad different objects found there. In a celebration of the accidental artistry of everyday life, he deconstructed one of these object assemblages, photographing each of its composite parts coat hangers, plastic ribbon, umbrellas, metal clips, etc. in his studio. Wolf gives these utilitarian objects a significance symbolic of the individual occupying the city.

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