Historia de la fuerza

fuerza 1
fuerza 2
fuerza 3
Bestué, David
Publisher: Caniche
Binding: Soft cover
Pages: 104
Measurements: 21.00 x 29.70 cm

Historia de la fuerza (The History of Force) offers an overview of Spain’s technical, material and structural evolution. Its connecting thread is the modern history of engineering in Spain.
The work of David Bestué captures his highly personal position on the lack of a corpus of thought related to material in Spain. It arises out of the need to construct a panoramic view of the figure of the engineer and his/her problematic relationship with the technical and the aesthetic, highlighting the close ties existing among engineering, politics and the economy.
David Bestué (Barcelona, 1980) is one of the most unusual artists on the contemporary art scene in Spain. His body of work encompasses video, writing and sculpture. His interest in the materiality of Spain has manifested in exhibitions including Piedras y poetas (Stones and Poets), Realismo (Realism), and La España moderna (Modern Spain). His next solo exhibit will be held at the Reina Sofía Museum this autumn.

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