Fred Huening – Private Rooms

Huening, Fred
Publisher: Peperoni books
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
Pages: 40
Measurements: 15.00 x 21.00 cm

The Internet provides a wealth of found materials for artists, especially in the form of images. For this series, Fred Hüning made photographs from video clips uploaded to YouPorn by private users. By cropping these scenes of amateur sex, he shifts our focus to the furniture, objects, and even pets that are also present in the space, pointing to the private nature of the scenes and locations. Not just that, Hüning also raises questions about the consequences that the uploading and online streaming of these personal recordings of highly intimate activities may have. The book is published in an edition of 150 and given form as a small laptop, with a message to decipher on the keyboard.

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