Frank Kafka, el hombre que trascendió su tiempo

Mal , Radek
Publisher: El Zorro Rojo
Binding: Hardcover
Language: Checo
Pages: 104
Measurements: 19.50 x 23.60 cm

“He was a man and an artist with such an anguished conscience, that he even listened to things where others gave way to deafness to feel safe.” Milena Jesenská, obituary of Kafka’s death This biography, ideal for those who wish to have a first approximation to the life and work of Kafka, highlights the human side of one of the most dazzling writers of universal literature. It is a tour around the personal marks of Kafka, which emphasizes its linguistic and religious roots, the relationships with the members of his family and the successive women who left their mark in his life, the circle of friends and intellectuals and, of course, their most personal spaces in that fascinating and, at the same time, oppressive city: the Prague of Kafka. These traces are complemented by excerpts from his narrations, letters and diaries that enrich this beautiful edition in which Renáta FuCíková’s illustrations manage to convey, with the exclusive use of black ink, the anguishing atmosphere present in Kafkaesque literature and in that mysterious Prague.

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