For Ruth, the sky in los angeles.

Reinhardt, Kathleen
Publisher: Spector Books
Binding: Soft cover
Language: English
Pages: 128
Measurements: 16.00 x 23.00 cm

An intimate, cross-generational conversation through mail art

American multimedia artist David Horvitz (born 1982) visited visual poet and mail artist Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt (born 1932) in her native Germany while conducting research in 2014. There, Horvitz discovered her archives of “typewritings,” graphic works that Wolf-Rehfeldt had used for mail art and sent across the globe from her studio in East Berlin in the 1970s. Later, Horvitz invited Wolf-Rehfeldt to use a disposable camera to record images of her house and garden and, in return, he photographed his studio in Los Angeles.

These snapshots and dialogues are presented along with Horvitz’s text-based watercolors?such as For Ruth, the sky in los angeles and For Ruth, the wind to you, which were original sent as mail art. Together they constitute a delightful dialogue.

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