Fink on Warhol. New York Photographs of the 1960s by Larry Fink

Fink, Larry
Publisher: Damiani
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 112
Measurements: 25.50 x 30.50 cm

These pictures of Andy Warhol and his tribe were taken within a time frame of four or five days. The rest of the images in the book were taken between 1964-1968. America was in the Throes of a certain revolution, that revolution comprised of Civil Rights, anti-war, and anti-establishment. These elements were all extremely active. WarholÂ’s significance was that he took what were iconic commercial objects and made them into clever art. He signified the Commodification of the art world, which was soon to come. Warhol personally floated on the periphery of haute couture society like a hummingbird married to a leech. That said, the pictures of Andy and his tribe represented here are just a small moment within his larger life.

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