Ffor 7 – Born Again in DC3000

Delaborde, Jonas
Publisher: Nieves
Binding: Paperback
Measurements: 12.00 x 18.00 cm

Jonas Delaborde is a french artist (Paris, 1981) working regularly in Paris and Lyon with his fellow Hendrik Hegray (they edit the nasty & absurd Nazi Knife zine together), Kerozen and Mehdi Hercberg (Shoboshobo) or with the drawing collective Frederic Magazine.

Born Again in DC3000 (De Chirico 3000) shows different views of a touristic complex in/about ruins in a world before (or after) humanity. Psychedelic drugs effects are now some frozen projections in the sky, NASA rovers go on forever on Mars surface, taking pictures that no one will ever see and what’s left of buildings has been made in holographic materials mixed with wood and trash. History has stuck the cosmos in postcards, printed with blood, grass juice and star powder.

Jonas drawings have been part of the recent Frederic Magazine exhibition in Paris and can be seen in the last Nazi Knife issue.

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