Erwin Wurm: One Minute Forever

Wurm, Erwin
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 256
Measurements: 22.50 x 29.00 cm

One of the most important artists of his generation, Erwin Wurm is internationally recognized for his unique way of having reinvented sculpture through performance, video, drawing and photography. The book presents a body of work from 1993 to the present day, as well as significant new productions. ONE MINUTE FOREVER is the latest exhibition and the book focuses on interweaving of past and present contexts of individual and collective experiences, a large reactivation of iconic performative sculptures, converging towards a unique aim: redefining, extending and twisting sculpture into a resolutely participative and playful medium, capable of questioning our way of being and looking at the world.