Erotic Sketchbook: Egon Schiele

Schiele, Egon
Publisher: Prestel
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 63
Measurements: 19.50 x 23.50 cm

This is an intimate selection of the erotic studies and paintings, of a controversial artist whose works continue to provoke today. Schiele’s fiercely drawn lines and confrontational compositions command our attention. His erotic art evokes feelings of discomfort, titillation, curiosity, and even repulsion, yet it bears testimony to his talent and passion. This beautifully crafted collection of erotic masterpieces, showcases the themes Schiele wove into all of his work: a fascination with the human psyche and sexuality, and a desire to destroy the conservative facade of moral righteousness, and expose the inner truth. Designed to resemble an artist’s sketchbook, this book offers viewers a chance to gain a better understanding of the technique and vision of this revolutionary painter.

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