Arias, Tono
Publisher: Dispara Books
Binding: Softcover
Language: Español-Ingles
Measurements: 23.40 x 32.00 cm

Flesh-coloured, possessed. Meat eaters, hungry, free. Red is the colour that stands out among the crowd, which takes us on a temporary journey to transform and live in another reality, beyond a subjective dimension. Frightening the thought, causing relationships with a reality that is held in a transgressive frequency, with a fictitious point of view where the real is not shown but its reverse. Where is it, then, the real one?, Tono Arias asks himself in an untiring effort to work – always – from a position that allows him to interrogate himself before the world. The construction of a particular visual story about form and colour takes it to small sequences, short stories, imaginary haikus. A discourse open to the viewer’s interpretation. Photographs on the fringes of the explicit dimension which try to attract, murmur. Unpredictable images that vibrate in a magnetic field between the gaze and the world.

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