El Testimoni

Publisher: Filigranes Editions
Binding: Hardback
Language: Francés
Pages: 75
Measurements: 25.50 x 21.50 cm

“Remnants of his son’s Meccano, bits of string and pebbles, armed with glue scissors and his camera, he tinkers with tiny models, for which he hack lights” to make true “and photography well, day after day, the different acts of his little inner theater. Playing with his self-portraits, and cloning unashamedly his silhouette of “Mr. All-World” he then staged in the most surreal situations; So here it is Sisyphe turn by turn pushing his huge stone, or poor man behind a pendulum to Run after time, The self playing leapfrog with himself as far as the eye can see, or The Peacock doing the wheel with his own effigy . […] »A.C.

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