El modo atemporal de construir

Alexander, Christopher
Publisher: Pepitas de Calabaza
Binding: Soft cover
Pages: 532
Measurements: 14.70 x 21.00 cm

In El modo atemporal de construir, Christopher Alexander set out to answer the following question: What is it that makes a building simultaneously adapted to its function and its surroundings, which allows the appearance of life inside and outside it, and That you continue to maintain these qualities across generations and cultures? For the author, the secret is in a “nameless quality” that is the result of the historical and social experience of the environment, and the direct application of certain very simple precepts.

In this sense, popular wisdom would have created, through centuries of trial and error, a series of “patterns”, simple and contrasted models of distribution and construction that, when united in a natural way, would form a concrete architectural language and facilitate the creation of optimal structures to live. Everyone can build through patterns. Everyone should build using patterns. In this authentic book of worship, Alexander offers a toolbox for anyone who is interested in inhabiting the world.

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