Publisher: Tusquets
Binding: Soft cover
Language: Español
Pages: 352
Measurements: 14.80 x 22.50 cm

In 1530, a young man approaches a villa in the countryside of Modena with the intention of finding there the widow of Aldo Manuzio, the famous Venetian printer, to show him his text about the life of the great publisher. He does not know that the true story is far from the feat he wants to tell. Since he arrived in Venice in 1489, with the purpose of making exquisite editions of the treasures of Greek literature, Aldo Manuzio had to face unexpected difficulties, such as the theft of manuscripts, the commercial impositions of his father-in-law and owner of the printing press, the potentate Andrea Torresani, or the censorship of the powerful against the spread of Epicureanism, which Maria, her young wife and collaborator, was passionately looking for. With the right amount of irony and misleading erudition, with characters and news about the golden age of the pioneers of the edition, the printer of Venice dazzlingly recreates the birth of the book business, in the environment of a crazed city, more apt for the amorous escapades that for the intellectuals, and in a time of crisis, after which the publishing challenges of the present are recognizable.

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