Dayanita Singh: Dream Villa

Singh, Dayanita
Publisher: Steidl
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Measurements: 10.50 x 20.50 cm

Known for her photographs of lesser-known elements of Indian society, artist Dayanita Singh makes images that might depict anything from the life of a Delhi eunuch to those of upper-middle-class families. Her books, often published without text, allow her to experiment with different styles of sequencing and composing such photographs. In Dream Villa, Singh explores the ways in which the night transforms what seems ordinary by day into something disquieting and enigmatic; the series of color photographs illustrated in this book presents a landscape that exists as much in the artist’s imagination as it does in the real world. In search of these mysterious nocturnal effects, Singh travels to many cities across India, never knowing where her “Dream Villa” or its shadowy inhabitants will present themselves.

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