Daido Moriyama in Color: Now, and Never Again

Moriyama, Daido
Publisher: Skira
Binding: Hard cover
Language: English
Pages: 480
Measurements: 22.00 x 32.00 cm

The most recent projects by Daido Moriyama, one of the leading figures in contemporary Japanese photography along with Nobuyoshi Araki, Yasumasa Morimura, and Shomei Tomatsu. ?Considered one of the great masters of contemporary Japanese photography, Daido Moriyama is always on the road, a lone traveler whose black-and-white images recount visions and worlds hidden just beneath the surface of reality.
This book contains 250 photographs taken over the last five years. A constant flow of images that is often frenetic or suddenly suspended, following the rhythm of an unfettered, restless life spent traveling the roads of the world.

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