Cult of Boys

Ibidapo, Toyin
Publisher: teNeues
Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
Language: English
Pages: 200
Measurements: 32.00 x 36.50 cm

This spellbinding scrapbook is one artist’s tribute to androgynous waifs and tomboy dreamers. A fashion photographer for clients like Dazed & Confused and Alexander McQueen, Toyin Ibidapo records her subjects over time in her own home. Each subject is a friend; model and artist collaborate in the creative process. The results are intimate and real. We watch these naive protagonists explore who they are–and who they might become. Although each picture is carefully composed, the mood is uncontrived. The results: delicate portraits with a sincerity often missing from images of the young and beautiful. Coltish and charming, these mesmerizing photographs capture the raw vulnerability of adolesence.

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