Cristina Iglesias

Iglesias, Cristina
Binding: Tapa blanda
Language: Italian/english
Pages: 220
Measurements: 24.00 x 28.00 cm

Cristina Iglesias (1956, San Sebastián) is part of a generation of artists from the eighties has transformed the concept of sculpture. His work mediates between the tradition of sculpture as an autonomous object and intention of fragmenting, dynamic architecture, providing the experience of experiencing the space as an element of the works. In his poetry, the Spanish artist combines his contemporary supported by the broad interest in the limit of the traditional technique developed by the Arte Povera and, moreover, its deep roots in the Baroque tradition through compositional instability, dislocation and moviente of their atmospheres. The idea of representation is challenged by an aesthetic vocabulary based on the use of different materials (concrete, alabaster, resin, iron, glass, sometimes combined with plant like bamboo and straw) and different techniques (low relief, and silkscreen Skin large format on silk and copper) where the boundary between illusion and reality fades. For this publication, we have selected a group of works that reaffirm the singular use of the spaces and architectural structures that the artist uses to compose evocative environments and suspensions.

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