Cristina de Middle: preparados, listos, archivo

De Middel, Cristina
Publisher: Promoción del Arte
Binding: Hardback box
Measurements: 22.00 x 33.50 cm

Cristina De Middel (Alicante, 1975) presents in Tabacalera an exhibition that brings together three photographic projects under the title Prepared, ready, archive. The artist, National Photography Award 2017, reflects on the double nature of photography, as is usual in her work: on the one hand as a documentary tool, and on the other, as an instrument for the narration of fictions. The photographic series Jan Mayen, Cucurrucucú and Aleatoris Vulgaris offer both original work of the photographer and the result of their work of appropriation and investigation of different social realities. Cristina De Middel takes the photographic archive as a starting point for these projects inviting us to explore three ideas: the North Pole, the culture of violence in Mexico and the impossibility of randomness.

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