Contra Amazon

Carrión, Jorge
Publisher: Galaxia Gutenberg
Binding: Soft cover
Language: Spanish
Measurements: 14.30 x 21.00 cm

Libraries and bookstores – real or fiction, traveled or read – are fundamental scenarios of our sentimental and intellectual education. In this book of chronicles that rehearse and narrative essays, Jorge Carrión travels to the innovative libraries and bookstores in Seoul; investigates in Naples and Capri the history of the mythical house of Curzio Malaparte; interview with booksellers and writers in Miami; Talk about books and cities with Alberto Manguel, Iain Sinclair, Luigi Amara or Han Kang; he interprets the libraries of Don Quijote and Captain Nemo, and pays tribute to some of the world’s most fascinating libraries and libraries – and his own life. While Amazon continues to conquer physical and virtual spaces, the author of Bookstores – the international reference book on the subject, translated into the most important languages ??in the world – and ‘Against Amazon. Seven reasons / A manifesto ‘- which has been a true phenomenon in the Anglo-Saxon cultural world – defends the figure of the bookseller and the author’s bookstore, while inviting us to travel and – above all – to read with a critical spirit.

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