Construir, habitar, existimar

González, Dionisio
Binding: Hardcover
Language: Español
Pages: 138
Measurements: 14.00 x 20.50 cm

The Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias has just published the book titled Build, Live, Exist of the artist Dionisio González. A publication that is born from the homonymous exhibition that took place at the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias on the dates between November 14, 2017 and February 4, 2018 and that was housed on the -1 floor of the Expansion Building.

The book collects texts of different idiosyncrasies written by the Asturian photographer, one of the reference figures of the Spanish photographic panorama and with an important projection in the international field. Much of the same, however, concerns the series presented in the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias for the aforementioned temporary sample. Almost all of them question the territory and the city as axes of problems. Others, however, are configured as descriptors of some of its series – Dauphin Island, Thinking Central Park or Waiting last year – and directly address the material work as a part of its gestation. Finally, the last group of writings is made up of the transcriptions of some of the audios of their homologues and videos. In the book there are also two articles as well as a final interview made by Sema D’Acosta.

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