Commissioning Contemporary Art

McClean, Daniel
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 304
Measurements: 14.50 x 22.00 cm

The definitive guide on everything one needs to know about commissioning contemporary art

In an age of blockbuster exhibitions and public art projects, the most exciting artworks are often those that have been specially commissioned for a specific site or event. This invaluable guide reveals and demystifies every stage of the commissioning process—from the initial invitation to an artist and the financing of a project to the final installation of works. Combining theoretical and conceptual considerations with practical ones, the text is supplemented with copious quotations and insights from some of the best-known artists, curators, commissioners, and museum directors of today. It is an essential guide for anyone involved in the process of commissioning new art—private collectors, foundations, public bodies, museums, galleries, and artists themselves—as well as those fascinated by the inner workings of the contemporary art world.

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