Castells, Hector
Publisher: Terranova
Binding: Softcover
Language: Castellano
Pages: 456
Measurements: 12.00 x 18.00 cm

Catalonely is the new book by Héctor Castells, a cursed, marginal and cult author on the Barcelona literary scene, and his first publication since Sideral came to light in 2013, the copious biography dedicated to his best friend, the late DJ and enfant terrible of the club scene of the nineties, Aleix Vergés. A mixture of travel literature, adventure book and peppered autobiography, Catalonely collects the months lived by the protagonist in Southeast Asia after a sentimental breakup. With a constant temporary alternation between the nostalgia of an imperfect youth, the loss of eternal love, the decline of middle age, and the confusion before a hazy future, the book is an unapologetic, honest and often hilarious testimony of what it means to remain lost in one’s own existence well into one’s forties. A book that knows how to capture like no other the feeling that life is slipping away from us, and that the only answer is to flee forward. We don’t know from or where, but always forward.

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