Campo del cielo

Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 72
Measurements: 16.50 x 23.00 cm

Campo del Cielo is an artist’s book that collects much of the information
documentary of the Campo del Cielo2 project
carried out by the artist Mikha-ez during
the last three years.
The box (Modurlor, Berlin), emulating those who
use geologists, contains a booklet
printed in risography (Raum Press, Salamanca)
of invoice very similar to those used in the
field practices by scientists. In its
Inside, a text divided into eight layers appears
written by Fernando Castro Flórez. Under
said booklet shows a technical sheet
of the meteorite Campo del Cielo, 54 images
of documentary nature and a poster-detail of the
In this way, all this information is made visible
textual and visual so necessary for the development
of an artistic project but that often
it is usually in the shade, stored in
a box or a folder on the desk

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