Cabaret New Burlesque

Guigui, Stan
Publisher: Editions du Chene
Binding: Paperback
Language: English/French
Pages: 120
Measurements: 21.50 x 27.50 cm

“If rock is walking on the wild paths of life, Stan Guigui embodies rock in its purest state!” Rolling Stone Magazine This collection of black and white photographs of the Cabaret New Burlesque troupe is an exuberant tribute to a unique group of women. Stan Guigui presents 140 of his photographs from behind the scenes, on stage and at the Cesar awards ceremony in 2010. The Burlesque movement is in full swing all over the world, as seen in the Cher and Christina Aguilera movie ‘Burlesque’, the popularity of Dita von Teese as well as ‘Tournee’ by Mathieu Amalric. This book captures its atmosphere with its strip-tease, theatre, choreography, glamour, humour, satire and a bit of destruction! A French photographer whose work spans contemporary art and photojournalism, Stan Guigui was born in Paris in 1969. Interested in the social themes of exclusion and marginal underworlds, in 1996 he moved to Colombia and brought back his series ‘Calle del Cartucho’, awarded by PhotoEspana in 2006 and by UNICEF in 2008. A nonconformist and politically engaged artist, his universe is populated with baroque and Fellinian characters. Inspired by Victor Hugo’s portrayal of the poor, anger and revolt, the work of the photographer pays tribute to Bohemia and Bohemians. Guigui is touched by the New Burlesque movement, by what it represents both aesthetically and ideologically: a glamorous and sexy revolt against stereotypes established by our societies. He followed the Cabaret New Burlesque during their two-month tour in Paris, from the Theatre de la Cite to the 2011 Cesars Ceremony for Mathieu Amalric’s movie ‘On Tour’. Stan Guigui is a member of the VU Agency.

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