C International Photo Magazine – Issue 8 (Eng)

Publisher: Ivorypress
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/Chinese
Measurements: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

New, never used. English Chinese.The eighth edition of C International Photo Magazine explores the role of photography within counter- and popular cultures. From Rock and Roll and Elvis in the 1950s to the Punk revolution of the 1970s, to today where most counter-cultural heroes seem to be weak or unrecognisable due to the constant fragmentation of information and the economic pressure faced by young people, C Photo Issue 8 examines the constant and unpredictable evolution of movements, which, to a great extent, drew their inspiration from the struggles of minorities. Going beyond the normal reach of the publication and in order to more accurately reflect the visual landscape of popular- and counter cultures, C Photo presents a mixture of photography and graphic design in Issue 8.

Peter Saville: The English graphic designer shares a selection of his work going back to his time at Factory Records in Manchester to more recent endeavours in the applied and fine arts.

Collector: The collection of English artist Damien Hirst: Bertucci, Lina / Collishaw, Mat / Emin, Tracey / Fairhurst, Angus / Lucas, Sarah / Merz, Mario / Olly and Suzi / Prince, Richard

Archive: A selection of album covers and sleeves from poet John Giorno’s project Dial-a-Poem Poets, which stretched over the course of three decades and helped to bring poetry to a wider, modern audience.

Scope/Portfolio: Adelman, Bob / Borland, Polly / Boullet, Victor / Clark, Larry / Cross, Brian / Cyr, Merri / Davidson, Bruce / Epstein, Mitch / Fuchs, Daniel and Geo / Horgan, Susie J. / Insect, Paul / Oliver, Vaughan / Peterson, Charles / Ruge, Katja / Saccenti, Timothy / Spencer, Ewen

C Action: The grants were awarded to Victor Albrow and Lia Saile.

Vintage: C Photo devotes a retrospective to Andy Warhol and his use of photography both as subject and as artist. Also included are photographs of Warhol by Dennis Hopper and Christopher Makos.

Guest: Spanish graphic designer and C Photo’s own Oscar Marine shares photos and designs from his work in the applied arts.

Interviews and Essays: Giorno, John / Jay, Martin / Larbalestier, Simon / Saville, Peter

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