C International Photo Magazine – Issue 5 (Eng)

Publisher: Ivorypress
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/Chinese
Pages: 269
Measurements: 23.00 x 34.00 cm

New. Our planet faces a new global crisis: the threat of ecological ruin. Sustainability, demography and climate change are all subjects that have come to the fore over recent decades and are now part of our collective consciousness. The looming dangers identified by most of the climate forecasts call for a serious discussion. C PHOTO MAGAZINE is proud to join this debate by gathering together works by various artists and intellectuals, all of whom tackle the subject from their own individual perspectives.
Collector: CAAC The Jean Pigozzi Collection. Depara / Houngny Hounkpevi, Frédérik / Keïta, Seydou / Kouyat?Adama / Mamadou, Cissé / Ngaimoko, Ambroise / Okhai, Ojeikere J.D. / Sidibé, Malick
Archive: The Farm Security Administration. The FSA?s less published colour archives published in this section document rural America in the late 1930s.
Earth NASA photographs enable us to glimpse the earth from a different perspective. These visually abstract landscapes give us an arresting image of our planet.
Scope / Portfolio: Braas, Sonja / Brown, Patrick / Franklin, Stuart / González, Dionisio / Gursky, Andreas / Halso, llkka / Hicks, Petrina / Holleben, Jan von / Itkonen, Tiina / Katchadourian, Nina / Kooi, Ellen / Maisel, David / Männikkö, Esko / Mattingly, Mary / Minkkinen, Arno Rafael / Moore, Andrew / ParkeHarrison, Robert & Shana / Parr, Martin / Salgado, Sebastião / Senn, Sandra / Stacey, Robyn / Teh, Ian / Ten Hoopen, Pieter / Vital, Not
C Action: the grants awarded to Giacomo Costa and Sun Hongbin
Vintage: Franti?ek Drtikol, photographer, philosopher and visionary, one of Czech photography?s obligatory points of reference. His biographer, Vladim?Birgus, collaborated selecting the present photographic selection.
Guest: Andy Goldsworthy the British artist produced this contribution for C PHOTO MAGAZINE in his Scottish homeland and it contains unique, organically fragile pieces made with elm leaves.
Interviews and Essays: Birgus, Vladim?/ Brown, Camilla / Buckland, David / de Botton, Alain / King, David / Magnin, André / Shiva, Vandana / Strelow, Heike

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