Breve ensayo sobre la carta

Argüelles Folch, Laía
Publisher: Temporal
Binding: Softcover
Language: Castellano
Pages: 78
Measurements: 11.00 x 18.50 cm

I read that when someone dies, the usual thing is to return to their senders the letters that were in the possession of the deceased person. Out of respect, apparently. And, also, that after the death of both parties, all of their correspondence is burned.

I wonder how it is possible that these
dialogues can achieve in their conclusion what they did not achieve in their course: the meeting of the interspersed voice. Perhaps the letter consists of making distance the condition for the most intimate closeness: telling you something that, otherwise, I would not dare to tell you. Ask you something that I wouldn’t dare to ask you otherwise. After all, there are things that can only be said by letter.

Will we burn?